Production planning

Description of functions

The production can be planned according to the following scenarios: 

  • full automat: production is planned in the first stage ranked by the demand arising from the WZ documents for the shipment of production. WZ documents are created at the time of approval the order for production, ranked by the planned date of delivery. In the next stages of the process it is planned to produce a half-product.

  • semi automat - at the time of approval of the order for the production must specify the date of manufacture and ranked by it is constructed  the plan.

  • for such a plan can be added manually order, or just the selected products. 

The system automatically distributes production for each the position so that the load was evenly. Production separation optimization on the position takes into account the time needed to retooling, when the changes produced assortment.  

To the planned production, the system generates a document MM on issuing the raw materials in quantities taking into account their stocks and packaging capacity. 

For the production plan, you can print a summary of production, list the raw materials and documents with barcode to spend on production and to register a production.